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Guidelines and terms for applicants to the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020

OPEN CALL takes place from November 28 - December 19 2019. You apply online throug a link, that is available at the frontpage of our website from November 28. Further information and guidelines is available at the application platform.

Who can apply for Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition?
Submissions for Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition can be made by artists regardless of background, education and nationality, over the age of 18. Individuals as well as groups are welcome to apply.

What does it cost to apply?
The application fee is 575 DKK and is paid online as the first step of the application process. Your application cannot be made unless the payment has been accepted. The following cards can be used for payment: Dankort, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron. You will receive a receipt by e-mail when the transaction has been successful. You can then upload your work(s) and data. You can re-edit until the deadline on December 19 2019 23.59 PM (Central European Standard Time, Denmark GMT+1).

How many works may I submit?
You can submit up to 5 contributions in the categories: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, graphic art, mixed media, architecture, design / craft, photography, video, film, performance, animation, sound art, net.art, software art, visual poetry, events & talks. For every contribution you can upload 4 images and there will be a note and description field, if the work requires a special explanation. There is a time limit of 5 minutes for video, film, animation and other time-based works. The time limit is only valid for the application, and not for the final viewing, if the work(s) is accepted for the exhibition. The works may not be more than two years old from the time of applying, and must not have been exhibited before at other juried exhibitions in Denmark. Charlottenborg Fonden reserves the right to reduce the size of large scale performances or installations, and can ultimately decide not to show the work. However, this will always be done in close dialogue with the artist(s).

Which material is required when applying?
Applications to Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition take place online. This means that Charlottenborg Fonden do not receive physical works for the assessment by the jury. Instead, you are to upload your work(s) digitally. Please notice that the images of your work(s) ought to be of a quality that is sufficiently high so the jury will not have any doubts about the appearance and nature of the work(s). We accept the following digital formats and data types: .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf, .swf, .mp4 (video and film), .mp3 (sound), online works (must work on an ordinary modern browser e.g. Mozilla/Internet Explorer) or YouTube Video. You will be able to insert the Url-address in the application form. Please notice: Video and film works that are accepted for Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020 is required to be handed in/sent (in a higher resolution if necessary) on a USB to Charlottenborg Fonden at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in the period January 20-21 2020.

What happens to my application material after the jury’s adjudication?
The uploaded files that do not make it to the exhibition are deleted from Charlottenborg Fonden’s server once the jury’s work has been completed. The contributions accepted by the jury will remain on Charlottenborg Fonden’s server for use in the exhibition catalogue and dissemination purposes.

Permission for showing
When you send in your application and images of your work(s) you give Charlottenborg Fonden and Kunsthal Charlottenborg permission to publish the images in the exhibition catalogue for Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition as well as for use in media coverage of Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition and announcements at Charlottenborg Fonden and Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s web and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) etc. You are not able to demand royalties or any other form of payment from the various media, Charlottenborg Fonden or Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

When and how will I be informed that I have been included or not?
The jury’s decision is sent as an email to the address you register in your application. All applicants will receive an answer around January 9 2020. When a work is first accepted for the exhibition, the applicant cannot require the work not to be exhibited. If a work is included in the exhibition, the exhibitor cannot require it back, before the exhibition is over.

If I am accepted, will I then be responsible for the installation of my work(s)?
No, not if your work(s) is of a smaller scale, and easy to place, however applicants that are accepted with large scale installations are responsible for installing these themselves. It is up to Charlottenborg Fonden to assess whether the applicant is responsible for the instalment.

If I am accepted, will I then be responsible for technical equipment?
For accepted works that need special equipment such as film, video, sound and computer art, the artist is responsible for the necessary equipment (rent, costs etc.) and instalment. In some cases Charlottenborg Fonden can provide a limited amount of screens and speakers for artists. The artist (or a substitute) is also required to be in charge of the daily open/close of the work during the exhibition period. In cases where there is an easy open/close manual Charlottenborg Fonden can take care of it. Charlottenborg Fonden reserves the right to take a work out of the exhibition if it is not working properly.

If my work(s) is accepted, will I then be responsible for insurance, packing and transport of my work(s) to Kunsthal Charlottenborg?
Yes, you are responsible for the packing and transportation of your work(s) to Kunsthal Charlottenborg and any eventual transportation insurance as well as for return transportation and packing when the exhibition is over. Your work(s) will be insured (only burglary, fire) during the period they are exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. In the application formula you are also required to register an insurance value and a sales price. The insurance value should include all the cost of the production/reconstruction of the work and the sales price should include the total costs of the work for a potential buyer.

When are accepted works to the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition to be handed in?
Your work(s), if selected by the jury, is to be handed in in person to Charlottenborg Fonden at Kunsthal Charlottenborg January 20-21 2020. Works, which cannot be delivered in person, can be send to Charlottenborg Kunsthal by further appointment with Charlottenborg Foundation. All works must be delivered no later than January 21 2020. Charlottenborg Foundation does not cover any costs regarding transportation etc.

If somebody purchases my work, how is payment transacted?
At every sale of works at the exhibition Charlottenborg Fonden takes a 30% commission. The sales price, which you list in the application form, must therefore include this commission fee. You will not be paid until the buyer has paid the whole sum. The sales price includes everything the buyer sees (i.e. frames and the like), also if the work exists in more than one copy or not, which should also be registered in the application. Charlottenborg Fonden cannot be held responsible if a buyer backs out.

If I need more information, who should I contact?
Signe Kahr Sørensen
Manager and Exhibition Coordinator
Email: sks@charlottenborg-fonden.dk
Phone: +45 4028 2941 (Office hours: Monday - Friday 10-14. Central European Standard Time, Denmark GMT+1).