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Jury Award

The winner of the Jury Award 2011 is Mani Ghodratnama (IRAN) with 5 videos.

The jury´s motivation:

Mani Ghodratnama’s five videos subtly sums up different themes of this Spring Show.

“Poetic sensibility”, “fragmentation of our time” and “political whispers”, are different matters that gather a personal voice.

Videos like “My Shoelace”,”Teheran” or “It is only noise that remains”, opens up to more questions than they answer.

Everyday life and surroundings are present on street level, and still his imaginative episodes and open narrative structures arise moods and affects, which are distant, but still close and recognizable.

His lively camera shooting makes reference to found footage and contribute innocently to a whole experimental film tradition. Beautiful soundscapes transformed to intimate humming brings new levels to the visual material. They open up psychic gaps and build bridges to the mind.

As last year the jury will have the task of recommending 10 artists for the award, and of selecting a winner among them.
The award is a recognition of supreme artistic quality and present-day relevance at the exhibition. The award also includes a sum of 10.000 DKK and a statement by the jury.

The following 10 artists are nominated for the award:

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (NO)

Sébastien Berthier (FR) + Malin Pettersson Öberg (SE) + Shirin Sabahi (IR)

Mani Ghodratnama (IR)

Helen Hughes (IE)

Riikka Kuoppala (FI)

Anne Guro Larsmon (NO)

Joanna Lombard (SE)

Jumana Manna (PAL)

Wasma Mansour (SA)

Shahar Marcus (IL)